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Game News
We are now signed up at in order to make it easier for people to find out about us. If you go to the site, click on US servers and we should be the 4th guild down. This site provides a shorter URL for us to type in-game.
Hey, welcome to A Tiny But Kinda Big Guild. This guild portal was made in anticipation of Guild Wars 2 launch. This wont be a guild for serious progression on GW2 but nor will it be a casual guild, we lie somewhere in between. It will be focused enough to accomplish notable endeavors, but not so casual that we resort to chasing rabbits in the forest for our fun.

 Our primary goal is to kickstart the community in a way that not only is this a guild that players from GW2 can come together, but players of other titles as well. All our core members play a multitude of games, and love discussing strategies. We are currently playing the multiplayers for: Mass effect 3, Team Fortress 2, CS Global offensive and some League of Legends. As well as upcoming titles such as, Borderlands 2, Transformers FoC, and AC3. If you're looking for a guild that can not only come together for GW2, but for gaming in general then look no farther. We guarantee you'll find friends and all sorts of fun in the Tiny but Kinda Big Guild.

Guild News

Opinions welcome

Elite46, Sep 3, 12 3:13 PM.
One of our friends who initially told us to come to Northern shiver peaks is upset that the WvWvW ques are on an upwards of 4 hrs, and has decided to transfer servers with his entire alliance to eredon terrace. It's a low population server, and should be a perfect place to make our new home. The server transfers are free right now but end tomorrow, 9/4/12. Just wanted everyones' opinion on this, I know it's short notice and would hate for people to get left behind and have to pay for server transfer afterwards.

Don't get fooled.

Elite46, Aug 29, 12 2:34 PM.
If you have been emailed regarding a reset request for your password, but you haven’t requested it, as always please be ever vigilant when it comes to emails sent to you in regard to your game account. If you didn’t request the email, do not click the link, just ignore it.

Full launch is here!

Lasermonkey, Aug 28, 12 6:59 PM.
The 28th is finally here and now everyone who wants to play, CAN play gw2. Yes there still are a few gliches in game, but those wont be gone for a month atleast I'd assume. However they've done very well with alot of fixes so far! Elite and I will start recruiting in a few days once alot of people get settled in. We will start holding group parties here soon, max is 5. Hopfuly we can find away around that! We'll good luck everyone, see you ingame!   With any questions please send message via mail or ingame chat if I am on, Thank you!

- Laser Monkey

2 days to Launch

Lasermonkey, Aug 26, 12 12:48 PM.
If looking for invite, Shannon has been promoted to be able to invite now. Also please add Doof Lundgren to friends list(Thats me).   WvWvW will be put off untill after main launch date, lots of issues going on. Working with 2 A-net reps atm discussing some issues that we've all experienced, and some that only Shan and I are getting. ( We want our gwamm title!) Guild is being upgraded as we speak, stay representing the guild so we can keep getting Influence(Like prestige from CoH) Anyways, thats all for now. Stay frosty my friends!

- Laser Monkey

Quick re-cap

Lasermonkey, Aug 25, 12 2:31 PM.
Some known Launch glitches have been fixed, HoM stones are working correct now it seems. GWAMM title for those who have it is still glitching for certain people. Overflow is still messing some people up, couple known fixes are, If you are in the same party and it wont let you join in on your friend or friends, relog in to fix the server for yourself or have your entire party do the same. If you still have no guild invite send friend request to Miiria(Elite) ingame and message who you are, he will invite as soon as he can. I wont be able to be on as frequent as I'd like untill sep 6th hopfully. But when I do get on I will try and send invites. Friend request to Popcornography or Doof lundgren ingame for me. Thank you, will keep updated  

- Laser Monkey
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